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Simple living is the way to lead our life on earth for the benefit of others. We have to give little bit more than we get from the mother earth. Though many of us agree to this philosophically, how can we put this into practice? The answer to this question is our simple living, a life style that reminds us of our need when compared to the world’s. Through our simple living we help individuals to observe and serve the world through the Prizm of their own life. We at D2D firmly believe in living simple, which brings out our Divine nature in everything we do.

Abstinence – A kid when young can aspire to become a great dancer. But merely watching dance programs will not be suffice to achieve the goal. The kid will need to learn the skill with discipline. Similarly, if we must serve the world, self-discipline is the skill we must acquire. Fasting is a simple and efficient way to develop self-discipline. Fasting not only develops will power but when done through our D2D guidelines helps to connect ourselves with the Almighty. Not to mention the significant health benefits associated with fasting. Try this to see for yourself.

Compassionate – We will be friendly and compassionate to all.  How can we live according to this statement? It is possible through deep love and devotion to God and His creation.  D2D Bhajan is one of the simplest but best way to develop deep love. Lord Sri Krishna provides guidelines on how to lead a practical life. He asks us to think of God in every activity we do. A simple example for this is to pray to God before the start of any work. This is similar to how we invoke God before we do any homam or pooja. Involving God makes the work more effective and removes the obstacles to accomplish our work. D2D Bhajans include simple hymns with melodious music that can be recited easily. Check out our D2D Bhajan CD or listen to our online collection.

Gratitude – Showing gratitude to God and the community we live is one of the qualities for simple living. We are part of the community and not the other way. If the community is healthy, wealthy and safe, so will us. D2D strongly believes in this and dedicates few hours each month to foster great community.  Visit our monthly volunteer program and if you are excited as we are to build a strong community, sign up for our volunteer activities

Healing – We help the people who are in need by healing and try to find solutions to their problems. Our main motto is serving those in need is doing service to God.

Mindfulness – The food that we consume also plays a pivotal role in our daily life.  Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, Sattwic food is the best to lead simple and spiritual life, it increases divine qualities, eradicate demonic qualities. Hence we have made a Sattwic recipe book and cook Sattwic food.

Service – The Vedas say that Cow is a sacred animal and doing service to cow is equal to serving the God. Feeding of the cow is the best amongst the services to Cow. We do volunteer for feeding and milking the cow. We have a special program to schedule this activity on a regular basis. It helps us to grow spiritually and the purpose of life becomes fruitful and accomplished.

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