Truth and Lie

There are various interpretations and meanings of what is believed as “Truth” and “Lie”. Because they are viewed and interpreted by the mental aspect of humans (Mind-Intellect combo), there are many interpretations. Common minds believe in one version and uncommon minds differ from them. Thus they grow (multiply) and rule over the collective human mind.

If we address this subject spiritually, it becomes very simple and inspiring.

Truth (Real) = That which is never changing.
Lie (Fiction) = That which is created/fabricated, subject to changes, sooner or later, frequently or rarely (apply the opposites..).

We can also say that Truth is the present or now and Lie is anything but present. This is so because Lie cannot stand in the present, it depends on the past or future for its very survival.

In the long meter to measure lie, every objective things we speak, think about is contained in it. For example, I studied in Chennai is a story of the past and it is identified with me so long as this body lives and other interested bodies live. But afterwards, it cannot stand on its own. So in a macroscopic level, this is also lie. Sometimes we pay much attention to the microscopic level and judge a person as liar not knowing that the same judgment is also a lie. This lie has a life made possible by compulsive remembrance. They have no significance whatsoever. It is for this very reason that when the body is re-born, lie is wiped out. But only the significant Truth remains throughout.

We are INFINITE and everything and everyone is SO. This is the only Truth. Everything else is a lie or fiction, which has a life only in our mental world. Because physical world is controlled by the mental world, there are incidents that happen to reflect the mental world.

By remembering the Truth again and again in the mental world, we stay away from lie and our mind is kept clean. On the other hand re-iterating lie or remembering it in the mental world will contaminate our mind and becomes very difficult to understand Truth. It is for this reason that scriptures shun our tongue from telling lies and open our ears to not get carried away or put too much attention on lie.

– Shankar

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