Great People

The significance of Sainthood and spirituality is described in great detail here. Highly evolved people or spiritually enlightened people are referred to as “Great” or “Mighty” people. These wise men are considered as the blessings of the Divine. The Thirukural chapters in this section describes the glory of the “Great” and how one should approach and revere the “Mighty”.

The following are discussed under this section -

• Wisdom

• Greatness of Ascetics

• Seeking the help of great

• Not offending the great


Knowing truth can be called wisdom. Wisdom is a good quality, it makes the people wise. It protects from destruction also shields the wise men from their enemies. It influences the mind to do good deeds and illuminates the truth from other things. It never allows the illusion to manifest. Wisdom helps a person to make friendship with good people and also strengthens good friendship. The true wisdom adapts the systems of changing world and makes the people dynamic. Wise people predict the future, whereas unwise could not do. The wise act aptly in case of fear and fire. By predicting critical times, the wise make themselves ready to face that. Once you have wisdom, then you are rich and wealthy. Hence one should develop wisdom and inculcate the habit of doing well to others.

Greatness of Ascetics

The greatness of ascetics is written in moral and spiritual books with high respect. The greatness of ascetics cannot be measured in any manner, doing such thing is a futile exercise. The prudent people who discriminate the good and bad can become great men by renouncing the worldly things. The great men who control the five sense organs with their wisdom are the seeds of divine pleasures. The great men who will have control over the senses will win the world. They do the great deeds which are very rare and these actions cannot be performed by an ordinary person, this is the basic difference between great and ordinary people. No one can face the anger of the ascetics, though the anger is very small and temporary. The Great people are virtuous, kind and will show mercy on all living beings.

Seeking the help of great

We should make friendship with great people who are wise and worthy. Here worthiness is related to spiritual knowledge but not material wealth. The People who are having spiritual knowledge give guidance for well being and protect from present and future evils. Relationship with great people is a divine blessing and precious gift. Making friendship with great spiritual people increases our strength and vigor. A good king always protects his kingdom from fear of enemies, epidemics, natural calamities etc. with the help and guidance of his noble ministers. The ministers chosen by king should correctly point out the mistakes done by the king and they have to guide him in righteous path otherwise the king and the kingdom will be destroyed. Similarly a person should seek the help of great people to guide him in correct path. There is no stability for any system without guiding support and great people’s friendly advises. Loosing friendship with great and spiritual people is worse than committing a suicide.

Not offending the great

Not doing offence to the Great people (Ascetics or Spiritually enlightened Masters) in itself is a good deed. Dishonoring and showing disrespect to the great people causes misery. It spoils the entire life of the doer. Doing the bad deeds to Great is nothing but digging their own grave. No one can escape from the ruler by doing the bad deeds and causing angry to him. Doing wrong things to the sages vanish one’s entire good karma. The curse of great sages ruins the wealth and causes ordeals in the life even though they have great material powers. Hence one should respect great people at all times.

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