The behavior of men that shows high moral standards are considered as “Virtues”. Thirukural has several chapters dedicated for Virtues. They can be further classified as domestic virtues and ascetic virtues. The domestic virtues are essential to live peacefully and prosperously in a society. The ascetic virtues will make a person well respected and looked upon as the savior by common men.

The following are considered as virtues that needs to be developed by everyone -

• Virtues Power (Insistence of Virtue)

• Honor

• Greatness

• Perfectness

• Courtesy

• Modesty (Sense of shame)

• Perseverance

• Zeal

• Avoid meat eating

Virtues Power (Insistence of Virtue)

Fame and prosperity are important for everyone .These two will be earned through virtuous living. Hence virtue is greater than anything. Forgetting the virtue is suicidal for one’s life. Ensure to observe the virtue in all possible ways and try to make it to do righteous things. The virtue is found only in the people who are having unblemished character, but not in the people of pretending mind and pomp show masters. Stop speaking harsh words, avoid anger, jealousy and greed, avoiding these itself is a great virtue. One should not avoid or delay in doing good things. This will help at the time of death also.

One person may sit in palanquin and another person may bear it on his shoulders. Both are rewards of the past life deeds of those persons. Doing continuously good things reduce the death and rebirth cycles. One should not fall in the vicious circle of doing the bad things. Hence the insistence of virtue is important to become noble man.


One should not do the deeds that bring dishonor to the family though that deeds are very indispensable for the family. The great people never do mean acts even for the benefit of family. One should be humble in prosperity and also in poverty. The great people who lost their honor are like the hair fallen from the head which doesn’t have any value. The great will feel ashamed even for committing a small mistake. The noble people need not to go after the people who finds fault and displease them, because it brings no fame on the earth and in the heaven. It is always better for a man to die instead of serving the people who always displease or despise him. By saving life at the cost of glory one cannot attain immortality. The deer resorts to death when it lost its hair, similarly the great people will die for the sake of honor. The world will bow their head and praise the people who would prefer death when they face dishonor.


Greatness lies in doing good things with commitment and complete involvement. To live without zeal of doing good things is mere waste. By birth all human beings are equal but their greatness depends on their deeds. With an external support and show off, the mean character people never become great people. In the same way the great people can never become mean by pulling them down. The mean minded people have no respect towards great people and they try to avoid the great people company. If mean people acquires power and money, they misuse it for bad deeds. Great people live in a humble way with humility and goodness, where as bad people live with pride. They claim other’s good deeds as their own. Lack of pride is sign of greatness. Great people never expose and magnify others faults, whereas meanness always find faults in others and expose that faults as very big. The greatness of the good people lies in their truthfulness and righteousness just like women’s pride is in her chastity.


It is natural that all good deeds are performed perfectly by the good people. Other qualities are not so great when compared with good character. Love, charity, kindness, truthfulness and modesty are five supporting pillars of perfectness. Perfectness will develop by not hurting others with words and deeds. Humility is the strength of strong people and it is an instrument to eradicate enmity. The perfect people never be shy to accept defeat even at the hands of inferiors, it is a touchstone to test one’s perfectness. Perfection is character which enables the good people to do good to enemies also, otherwise the perfection has no value. Poverty is not an obstruction to the perfect people for the growth and progress. The seas may cross the shore at the time of floods/inundation, but the people who are perfect in nature never cross their limits even at the time of deluge or overwhelming i.e. the greatness of the perfect people. If the great people deviate from their perfectness, the great earth also cannot bear.


The man can get the virtue courtesy, if he is approachable easily by all. Meeting all the people without ego makes the man to get the quality of courtesy. Living with dignity and loving all are the two best ways to develop the virtue courtesy. Humanity cannot be gauzed by physical appearance, it can be known only by the way of showing courtesy to others. The world will praise the greatness of a man if he does services which will end up in charity and justice. Some words are painful even if they are spoken for fun. Courteous people never hurt others even for fun including their enemies. The world is still existing because of the courteous people otherwise it would be destroyed. One should not be discourteous, even to wicked people and enemies. The people without courtesy may be very sharp and intelligent but they are useless. For discourteous people, darkness will appear even in day time. Wealth of such people is waste and useless. That wealth is like pure milk poured in unclean vessel which is not useful for drinking. The courtesy costs nothing but values more.

Modesty (Sense of shame)

Sense of Shame means fear of doing evil deeds. Other forms of shame are found only in women. The basic things like food, clothing, sleep etc. are common to all people, but sense of not doing evil deeds is the quality of good people. Noble people will have fear to do bad things. The people who have modesty are perfect in nature. The perfectness exists in the modesty, just like the living beings are existing in the physical body.

Modesty (sense of shame) is an ornament to the great people, without modesty their majesty is nothing but a pretention. He who feels ashamed of other’s evil deeds or faults as his own is called as the man of modesty. Without the quality of modesty no great people survived long time in the world. For the sake of the modesty, the noble people end their life also. They never lead their life at the cost of it. The greatness leaves a man if he does shameless deeds what others are ashamed of. Lack of good conduct may cause harm to the race but the lack of shame burns the entire goodness of the race. The movements of people who are not having modesty are compared with the movements of puppets controlled by remote strings.


Perseverance means putting effort continuously to achieve something irrespective of difficulties, failure, or opposition. There is no difficult thing to achieve in the world with continuous efforts. One should not give up the task unfinished, such a person will be deserted by the world immediately. The hard working people can only serve the humanity effectively and gloriously. Whereas the lazy people cannot serve the humanity. The lazy men may think of doing service to humanity, they will not be successful because of their non-industrious nature, hence their thought of charity is useless like a sword in the hands of a eunuch (eunuch is neither a man nor a woman). People who loves work and remove the sufferings of the people around them will become supporting pillars of the society. Relentless efforts brings the affluence, whereas laziness leads to poverty. The fortune accompanies the hard work whereas the misfortune always accompanies the laziness. One should not blame the bad luck, he has to blame himself for not doing hard work and of not having knowledge for doing the task effectively. Sometimes fate may not be favorable, but the relentless efforts will change the fate and certainly bring good results. The industries men can achieve the unyielding destiny with their efforts and conquer the fate.


Zeal is nothing but doing things with enthusiasm and it is an inner motivation for doing the things effectively. A person who is having zeal has everything with in him, because zeal is the real wealth. If a person have everything, but there is no zeal, his wealth becomes waste and useless, it is like a vehicle without an engine. Possession of zeal means owning of all the wealth and it is everlasting. All other material wealth is temporary. The wealth without a zeal is not perfect in nature and may vanish by passing of time. People who are having tireless zeal never bother about loss of worldly wealth because they regain their wealth with their zeal. The fortune of wealth comes automatically to the people who are having abundant zeal. The length of the stem of a lily flower depends on the water level of pond, where as a man’s greatness depends on the level of zeal he possesses. One should have high and noble thoughts, in such a case even if he fails, he never lose. His abundant zeal makes him to recover back from that failure. The strong mind people never fear to face the defeat, like the elephants proceed forward in spite of continuous striking of arrows on them .The feeble mind people cannot exhibit them as generous to others by boasting them as strong minded people. A big, strong elephant also fears for the attack of a tiger which is having a great deal of zeal. A strong mind with a great zeal is the real strength, if there is no such mind he is nothing but a tree in human form.

Avoid meat eating

A man who eats meat cannot have compassion. A person who spends a lot, cannot become rich in the same way the meat eating person cannot have kindness and compassion. Eating meat makes the man very rough and cruel minded. The meat eating people do not find happiness in good deeds and they are similar to the people who possess the weapons with bad intention. Non-killing makes the people soft and kind. When eating meat is stopped, animal life is saved on the earth. People who eats meat cannot escape from the hell. Once the meat eating is stopped, selling animal meat will also be stopped. If a person knows how animal suffers before dying, he definitely stop taking the meat. People with good heart will never eat the life less flesh and do not harm animal life. Avoiding eating meat is better than doing Homas (fire ceremony). All the living beings love and adore the people who do not kill and eat meat. By avoiding meat the life on the earth will be protected and harmony among the living beings is improved.

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