Thirukural exemplifies the importance of wealth, the right means to earn and utilize it. Wealth, according to Thirukural refers to Money/Financial wealth, Children, Friends, Charity and Fame. The context of knowledge shared on this topic – “Wealth” is applicable to micro (individual or family) or macro/socio level (business, society – state or country).

In this portion, we bring the knowledge on acquiring money or financial wealth and the ways to save and share the financial wealth.

The following topics are discussed  -

• Earning Wealth

• Futile Wealth

Earning Wealth

Money is instrumental in making the worthless to worthy because of its inbuilt power. The poor is humiliated and the rich is honored because of wealth. The wealth drives away the enmity through its brightness and glory. It is a sharpest weapon to defeat the enemy. The wealth acquired through good and acceptable ways brings pleasure and peace. Any wealth earned through causing misery to others and through illegal ways is like evil. One should leave that kind of wealth. Grace which only comes through pure love will grow with help of the wealth earned by fair means.

The revenue, compensation of war damages and unclaimed wealth belongs to the Government and not to any individual or group of individuals. Doing business with enough capital and resources on hand is very safe. It is as safe as watching elephants fight from the top of a hill (one can safely run down the hill in case of danger). One who acquires wealth by fair and legal ways is always honored high in society and gains virtue and joy easily.

Futile Wealth

The wealth that is not utilized prudently is futile and is equivalent to dead body. The man who possesses that wealth is useless. Though that person lives on the earth, he gives nothing except the additional weight to the mother Earth. One who never utilizes his wealth to help others or at least for himself can be termed as a man affected by a curse or a disease of misery. A wealth which is not used in a right way is comparable with a beautiful woman who has wasted her life without marrying. And that unutilized wealth can also be compared with a tree having plenty of poisoned fruits in the middle of city. The wealth earned in wrong way is going to be plundered by others. A person who is not loved by others and who doesn’t share his wealth will not leave any name after his death.

The benevolent clouds shower rain and becomes dry. But clouds are formed again through evaporation of sea water. In the same way, benevolent people who utilizes their wealth for the needy people sometimes may be affected by poverty but it is temporary. They gain back their wealth and good name. Those people live beyond their death because of their deeds and not because of their wealth.

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